Training my YOLOv2 object detector failed

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Jesús Silva
Jesús Silva 2022년 5월 2일
댓글: Jesús Silva 2022년 5월 8일
I have created my network using the pre-trained network resnet18, and with the following code:
numClases = 9;
tamanio = [224 224 3];
anchorBoxes = estimateAnchorBoxes(TrainingEscalado,numClases)
red = resnet18();
arquitectura = yolov2Layers(tamanio,numClases,anchorBoxes,red,"res5b_relu","ReorgLayerSource","res3a_relu")
"TrainingEscalado" is the datastore for training already scaled to network's inputs size. When I import the network into the Deep Network Designer app, I don't have errors, and the same happens when I import the datastore for training.
But as I click train, an error message is displayed with the following content:
And I don't know what to do to fix it, the network already has 9 classes as output so I don't know what fails.

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu 2022년 5월 7일
yes,sir,may be use yolo v3、v4 to test,such as
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Jesús Silva
Jesús Silva 2022년 5월 8일
I don't understand, the problem is the version of YOLO that I'm using? If I use YOLO v3 or v4 it would be fine?

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