How to pass multiple vectors (possibly a matrix) to pdepe and output a respective vector matrix?

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I have a matrix of parameters (lets say a design of experiments) which I would like to pass to pdepe and obtain a numerical output. That output will be used to calculate the flux and the flux is multipled by a bunch of constants to obtain my quanitity of interest. I want to then bunch up the quanity of the interest in a vector of similar dimensions to the experimental output to be able to fit coefficients to my coupled equations.
I need a way to pass my parameter matrix (lets say) x to obtain my I_num.
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Hashim 2022년 5월 1일
편집: Hashim 2022년 5월 1일
alphaa = [2.00000000000000e-06,3.46000000000000e-06,3.54444000000000e-07;
Let's say this is our alphaa respectively for every row N I want a solution matrix. This is what I am struggling with atm. Using this solution matrix I want to calculate I_num which would be a vector 6*1. I am trying to use a loop with no success so far. Looks like this so far:
for i=1:length(tspan)
ic_arg(i) = {@(x)alphaa(i,1).*ones(size(N)) ; @(x)alphaa(i,2).*ones(size(N)); ...
IC(i) = @(x)PDE_PSw_EK_IC(x, ic_arg(i));
BC = @(xl, yl, xr, yr, t)PDE_PSw_EK_BC(xl, yl, xr, yr, t, epsilon, alphaa);
optns = odeset('MaxStep',1e-00,'RelTol',1e-7,'AbsTol',1e-7);
sol1(i) = pdepe(m, @(x, t, y, DyDx)PDE_PSt_EK(x, t, y, DyDx, beeta, alphaa), ...
IC(i), BC, x, tspan, optns);
Pretty sure i will have to loop through my BCfun as well considering it has terms from alphaa as well.

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Torsten 2022년 5월 2일
optns = odeset('MaxStep',1e-00,'RelTol',1e-7,'AbsTol',1e-7);
for i=1:size(alphaa,1)
INIT = @(x) alphaa(i,1:3);
BC = @(xl, yl, xr, yr, t)PDE_PSw_EK_BC(xl, yl, xr, yr, t, epsilon, alphaa);
PDE = @(x, t, y, DyDx)PDE_PSt_EK(x, t, y, DyDx, beeta, alphaa)
sol{i} = pdepe(m, PDE,INIT, BC, x, tspan, optns);

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