How to add text to a line in the plot?

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Tomaszzz . 2022년 4월 26일
답변: Simon Chan . 2022년 4월 26일
Hi all,
This code:
load('z_means'); load ('z_diffs'); load ('z_CR_ofmean')
figure ('color','w');
plot(z_means,z_diffs,'sr', 'MarkerSize', 9)
hold on
%Plot lines
plot(z_means,zeros(1,length(z_means)),'r', 'LineWidth', 0.7); %%%plot zero
plot(z_means, ones(1,length(z_means)).*z_CR_ofmean(1),'r--', 'LineWidth', 0.6); %%%plot the upper CR
plot(z_means, ones(1,length(z_means)).*z_CR_ofmean(2),'r--', 'LineWidth', 0.6); %%%plot the lower CR
% Add text
text(z_CR_ofmean, [mynum2str(z_CR_ofmean(1)) ''],'HorizontalAlignment','left','VerticalAlignment','middle','fontsize',6);
text(z_means, [mynum2str(z_means,2) ''],'HorizontalAlignment','left','VerticalAlignment','middle','fontsize',6);
text(z_CR_ofmean, [mynum2str(z_CR_ofmean(2))''],'HorizontalAlignment','left','VerticalAlignment','middle','fontsize',6);
Produces this:
and the error:
Error using text
First two or three arguments must be numeric doubles.
Wheareas I want:
  1. Add text to each line correctly (can be any text as an example). Can you help please?

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Simon Chan
Simon Chan 2022년 4월 26일
If they are horizontal lines, you can use function yline
By using this function, you can also add the text in the following example.

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Bjorn Gustavsson
Bjorn Gustavsson 2022년 4월 26일
With text you specify both the x and y-coordinate of the text. For example:
th = text(14,-0.5,'text-test that will start at x: 14, y: -0.5');
So you just need to specify an/the x-location before the specification of the y-location (z_CR_ofmean).


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