An error occurred while running the simulation and the simulation was terminated

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Caused by: Nonlinear iteration is not converging with step size reduced to hmin (2.63045E-16) at time 0.0740406. Try reducing the minimum step size and/or relax the relative error tolerance.

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Esha Chakraborty
Esha Chakraborty 2022년 4월 14일
편집: Esha Chakraborty 2022년 4월 14일
Hi Nathaniel,
I understand that you are encountering the error - 'Nonlinear Iteration is not converging' in your simulation.
This can mean that one of the signals in your model is diverging to plus or minus infinity or is otherwise changing too rapidly based on the solver settings. With these settings, the solver is unstable for the equations represented by the model. It is a stiff model that requires more stability for the solver.
To resolve this, you can try to change in model settings the solver type. ode45 with all automatic parameters works for most of the cases. Another way is to reduce the maximum order.


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