imagedatastore grayscale to rgb for maskRcnn

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Odo Luo
Odo Luo 2022년 4월 11일
댓글: Odo Luo 2022년 4월 11일
  • I have several CT images : ct1, ct2, ct3.....
  • Each CT contains of aprox 90 2D grayscale images/planes
  • MaskRCnn Requires RGB Input
How do I looup through each CT and save each image within a CT as own image in the datastore?
I also need it as RGB image, where only one plane is set with the grayscale and the reast to 0 or 1.
Hope someone can help me!

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KALYAN ACHARJYA 2022년 4월 11일
편집: KALYAN ACHARJYA 2022년 4월 11일
You may convert the gray image to 3D array planes
Just do for one images, for all images can be done using call one individual images at a time using loop. There are so many simmilar threads are available.
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Odo Luo
Odo Luo 2022년 4월 11일
Thank you for your help!
I am not sure about the looping. Can I do it somehow in the read function or do I have to do it from "outside" ?

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