How to save .fig Figure Background Color As Well As Saved Pict Format?

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Hi, Community
I have a problem in saving my .fig file Matlab Format because when i try to save the graph from the opened .fig file, the background color Cannot be same as the background color of saved pict format result (.png, .jpg, etc). Here is the issue :
I want to save the histogram result from the above .fig file (with BLUE background) to the pict format, but the result is just like this :
But the result is always have No background... (White Color)...
How to fix this, everyone... Because im trying to search all of options in the .fig file toolbar or menu, and i still not found it.....
Thank you so much for the attention....
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Tyann Hardyn
Tyann Hardyn 2022년 4월 5일
Thank you so much, Mr Steven.... Yeah, i should to notice how to give the color of my figure from figure handle..

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Jan 2022년 4월 5일
You can set this property during the creation of the figure:
figure('InvertHardcopy', 'off');
Or dynamically later:
set(gcf, 'InvertHardcopy', 'off');
In the print dialog of figures there have been a checkbox for this property also. Therefore I've asked, how you start this export.

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