music piece with matlab

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Giovanni Scamardo
Giovanni Scamardo 2022년 4월 4일
답변: Star Strider 2022년 4월 4일
do you know how to create a discrete time signal with musical notes having a sampling rate of 8000 samples per second?

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Geoff Hayes
Geoff Hayes 2022년 4월 4일
fs = 8000;
t1 = 0:1/fs:0.3;
t2 = 0:1/fs:0.6;
t3 = 0:1/fs:0.9;
C2 = 65.4064;
D2 = 73.4162;
F2 = 87.3071;
ft = [t1*C2 t2*D2 t3*F2];
Y = sin(2*pi*ft);
player = audioplayer(Y,fs);

Star Strider
Star Strider 2022년 4월 4일
Another approach —
A4 = 440;
A5 = 880;
Notes = A4*2^(1/12).^linspace(0, 11, 12); % Note Frequencies
Fs = 8000; % Sampling Frequency
t = linspace(0, Fs-1, Fs)/Fs; % Time Vector
NotesMatrix = sin(2*pi*t(:)*Notes); % Matrix Of One-Second Notes
for k = 1:size(NotesMatrix,2)
soundsc( NotesMatrix(:,k), Fs)


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