why does websave creates empty files?

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alpedhuez 2022년 3월 12일
댓글: Peter Perkins 2022년 3월 14일
I run
baseurl = "https://www.sonecompany.com/xml/";
datelimits = datetime({'20080401', '20080601'}, 'InputFormat', 'yyyyMMdd','Format','yyyyMMdd');
subfile_limit = 5; %no more than _5 -- adjust as appropriate
subfile_modifier = ["_" + (1:subfile_limit)] + ".xml";
for Day = datelimits(1):datelimits(2)
daystr = string(Day);
for Sub = subfile_modifier
filename = "A_" + daystr + Sub;
url = baseurl + filename;
% Set up a directory+filename
path_to_save = "E:";
out_name_path = path_to_save+filename;
outfilename = websave(out_name_path,url);
fprintf('fetched %s\n', filename);
break; %skip remaining subfiles for this date upon first failure
The output is
that has correct files (xml) files but redundant xml.html files. Why?
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Peter Perkins
Peter Perkins 2022년 3월 14일
Mostly unrelated: You don;'t need both format arguments, just Format will do:
>> datelimits = datetime({'20080401', '20080601'}, 'Format', 'yyyyMMdd')
datelimits =
1×2 datetime array
20080401 20080601

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Jan 2022년 3월 12일
path_to_save = "E:";
out_name_path = path_to_save+filename;
This produces file names like "E:A_20080401_5.xml". A valid file name has a file separator after the drive letter: "E:\" . Prefer fullfile() to join folder and file names.
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alpedhuez 2022년 3월 12일
Okay thank you.

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