Maximum errors between two vectors

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Gazi Alam
Gazi Alam 2022년 3월 3일
답변: the cyclist 2022년 3월 3일
I am calculating the max(abs(X-Y)) where X is the true solution and Y is the calculated solution in some method, and obtaining the maximum difference 3.3307e-16, which is unrealistic to me. I expected up to 10^(-4) to 10^(-12). Is the obtained answer look like smaller than machine epsilon? Can any one expalin me? Thanks in advance.


the cyclist
the cyclist 2022년 3월 3일
The floating-point error of double-precision values that are of the order 1 is around 1.e-16:
ans = 2.2204e-16
See the documentation for the eps function.

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