Need information regarding Software implementation model for TI F28379D Launchpad with BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV

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Dear Team,
Software implementation model (Matlab)for TI F280049C LaunchPad with BOOSTXL-BUCKCONV for Digital DC/DC Buck Converter Using Peak Current Mode Control example model one system initialization block is used, could you please let me know what is the purpose of this block. if I want to use TI F28379D LaunchPad then what change I have to do for this system initialization block. Adding existing block configuration for your reference.
configuration for F280049C LaunchPad. please share the configuration for TI F28379D LaunchPad.
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Rajanikant Metri
Rajanikant Metri 2022년 5월 6일
Have you got the solution?
I also want to know about implementing SR Flip flop in F28379D using MATLAB Simulink to generate PWM signals. Have you got the solution for this? If 'Yes' please let me know.
Thank You.

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Yash 2022년 7월 7일
Hi Pratyay,
The system initialization block is written for the code-gen variant of the model. If you want detailed description of the configuration for TI F28379D LaunchPad please refer this doc by Texas Intruments - TMS320F2837xD Dual-Core Delfino Microcontrollers Technical Reference Manual (Rev. I) (
For simulation variant you will not need the system initialization block, you can ignore it if not running on hardware.


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