zc706 reference design from Communication Toolbox Support Package for Xilinx Zynq-Based Radio

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Hi everyone,
I'm using the zc706 evaluation board and ad9361 evaluation board (to be more accurate the fcomms2/3 RF card).
I'm trying to use your reference design as a base project to a project which meant to combine the adi-freqcvt1-ebz downconvertor(of analog devices) with the evaluation boards which were mentioned above.
in order to use the downconvertor i need to use the following spi interface pins as described in the analog devices website:
after a closer look in your system_top.v that you provide in your reference design i notice that the required pins are already assignend as the following below:
therefore i want to ask if you have any ARM interfaces/script/function in order to use those SPI pins as required either with:
  • matlab script
  • libiio function
  • matlab arm blocks
furthermore do you know how to add to your image (that you provide in your zc706+fcomms2/3 BSP) the part which also support the adi-freqcvt1-ebz downconvertor by analog.
with best regards.

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