Why is read flight data returning empty even after successful connection to the Ryze Tello drone in MATLAB.

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I am able to create a ryze object succesfully. But the flight data for the ryze object is empty. Due to which all read APIs: readHeight, readOrientation and readSpeed are erroring out.


MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team
MathWorks MATLAB Hardware Team 2022년 2월 10일
This issue could be due to Windows Firewall blocking the port to which the Ryze® Tello drone streams flight data to MATLAB.To fix this issue, try unblocking the UDP port 8890 in Windows Firewall settings.
Follow the steps mentioned in the following Troubleshooting guide to add port 8890 to the list of allowed UDP ports.
Note: In step 6 of the below troubleshooting guide, use port number as 8890 instead of 11111.
Once you are done making the changes, Switch off and switch on the drone. And check if the same issue is happening


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