How can Windows 10 user account info be accessed through Matlab

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Our IT is currently transitioning from name based user accounts to numbered accounts. We have Matlab scripts which we use to generate documents that include user identification. The script is used the command:
username = getenv('USERNAME')
to find this information; however, this command returns the numbered account rather than an identifiable name. A proper name has been associated to the numbered account as seen in the O/S account settings. Windows can also associate additional information such as a picture with the account. What command should be used to get this information from the environment or operating system that is associated with current user running a Matlab session?

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Robert Heaton
Robert Heaton 2022년 2월 16일
Found something that works -- needed to specify the network domain to get the information that I'm looking. The code below works, using a system pipe to select out the required data.
SearchPattern = 'Full Name';
[Result, FullName] = system(['net user "%USERNAME%" /domain | FIND /I "' SearchPattern '"']);
FullName = strtrim(strrep(FullName,SearchPattern,''));

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Turlough Hughes
Turlough Hughes 2022년 2월 9일
You could try system as follows:
[~,info] = system('whoami');
[~,info] = system('net user'); % another possibility
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Robert Heaton
Robert Heaton 2022년 2월 9일
Tried that command, but no success with this either. When I execute the command within Matlab, the system doesn't come back with a response. I also tried executing this in the MS command prompt window, with the same result. I did confirm in the command window that wmic executes; not sure why it would stall, although it's possible that it's waiting for more input.
I was also talking with a few other computer savvy people, and they suggested that the information I'm looking for is being managed by Active Directory, which I think means that I have to issue an LDAP query (found this on-line: ). I haven't had a chance to explore this, but I'm thinking that I may be able to execute a query to this through the Matlab system command.

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