How to fit multiple distribution on a histogram without normalizing the histogram?

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Pawan Kumar
Pawan Kumar 2022년 2월 7일
댓글: Jeff Miller 2022년 2월 9일
I have to put normal, lognormal and weibull distribution over a histogram of the dataset but once I achieve the 3 plots my Ylimit chnages. So please help me in getting those distribution over the histogram without its Ylimit being altered. Thank you

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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 2022년 2월 7일
Probably simplest just to plot everything and then use ylim to reset the Y axis limits at the end to whatever you want, something like
ylim([0 1]); % set lower & upper limits to specified values
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Jeff Miller
Jeff Miller 2022년 2월 9일
Hard to say exactly what is wrong without seeing your data and code. You should be using 'normalization','pdf' in the histogram command to make it comparable to the pdf's of the plotted distribution, so this could be the problem if you are using some other normalization.

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