Quaternions with symbolic elements

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Bandar 2022년 2월 1일
편집: James Tursa 2022년 2월 1일
I'm trying to create quaternion number that contains symbolic elements but Matlab throws an error.
syms a
This is the error I get
All inputs to the quaternion constructor must be the same class (double or
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James Tursa
James Tursa 2022년 2월 1일
편집: James Tursa 2022년 2월 1일
What do you intend to do with these symbolic quaternions downstream in your code? It would be pretty easy to write your own basic functions such as add, subtract, multiply, conjugate, inverse, etc. But if you intend to convert them to other forms such as direction cosine matrix or Euler angles then you will run into major difficulties.

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Chris 2022년 2월 1일
The error says it all. It looks like symbolic variables aren't supported for quaternions. You might try a third-party toolbox:

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