How do I create a binary for Linux with MATLAB Coder?

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Hello all,
I have written several scripts with functions in MATLAB, which together create a small calculation program.
I was also able to compile these successfully with the MATLAB Coder into C code and into an .exe.
However, I would also like to integrate the calculation program into a Linux-based system (server) and execute it there in a superprogram (javascript).
Since Linux cannot execute an .exe directly, I need a linux binary for the MATLAB code.
I see the following approaches:
1. I compile the C code with GCC directly on my Linux system.
2. I install Wine on the Linux system and can then execute the .exe.
With the direct compilation of the code with MATLAB Coder (Hardware[None - select device below] --> Device [AMD] --> x86-64(Linux 64)) I could also only generate an .exe, which doesn´t run on Linux.
Has anyone had any experience in this regard and can show me a good way to make my code executable under Linux?
Many thanks, greetings

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Mark McBroom
Mark McBroom 2022년 1월 29일
If you are running MATLAB from a linux machine, MATLAB Coder will compile and link the code into a LInux exe that you can run on your linux machine. If your MATLAB is on a Windows machine, then you will need to copy the code to a linux machine and use gcc to compile and link into a linux binary.
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Tom Engels
Tom Engels 2022년 1월 31일
Thank you, then I now know two good ways to go!

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