What is wrong in line 101?

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MR JUSTIN ACHARJEE Sumanta 2022년 1월 20일
댓글: Steven Lord 2022년 1월 20일
Calculate internal stresses for maximum and minimum bending moments and plot their distribution on the cross section.
clc; clear; close all
disp('Simply Supported Beam');
% Data input section
disp(' ');
L = input('Length of beam in meter = ');
disp(' ');disp('Type 1 for point load, Type 2 for udl')
Type = input('Load case = ');
if Type == 1
disp(' ');
W = input('Load applied in kN = ');
disp(' ');
a = input('Location of Load from left end of the beam in meter = ');
c = L-a;
R1 = W*(L-a)/L; % Left Support Reaction.
R2 = W*a/L; % Right Support Reaction.
disp(' ');
W = input('Uniformly distributed load in kN/m = ');
disp(' ');
b = input('Length of udl in meter = ');
disp(' ');
cg = input('C.G of udl from left end of the beam in meter = ');
a = (cg-b/2);
c = L-a-b;
R1 = W*b*(b+2*c)/(2*L); % Left Support Reaction.
R2 = W*b*(b+2*a)/(2*L); % Right Support Reaction.
% Discretization of x axis.
n = 1000; % Number of discretization of x axis.
delta_x = L/n; % Increment for discretization of x axis.
x = (0:delta_x:L)'; % Generate column array for x-axis.
V = zeros(size(x, 1), 1); % Shear force function of x.
M = zeros(size(x, 1), 1); % Bending moment function of x.
% Data processing section
if Type == 1
for ii = 1:n+1
% First portion of the beam, 0 < x < b
V(ii) = R1;
M(ii) = R1*x(ii);
% Second portion of the beam, b < x < L
if x(ii) >= a
V(ii) = R1-W;
M(ii) = R1*x(ii)-W*(x(ii)-a);
x1 = a;
Mmax = W*a*(L-a)/L;
for ii = 1:n+1
% First portion of the beam, 0 < x < a
if x(ii) < a
V(ii) = R1;
M(ii) = R1*x(ii);
elseif a <= x(ii) && x(ii)< a+b
% Second portion of the beam, a < x < a+b
V(ii) = R1-W*(x(ii)-a);
M(ii) = R1*x(ii)-W*((x(ii)-a)^2)/2;
elseif x(ii) >= (a+b)
% Second portion of the beam, a+b < x < L
V(ii) = -R2;
M(ii) = R2*(L-x(ii));
x1 = a+b*(b+2*c)/(2*L);
Mmax = W*b*(b+2*c)*(4*a*L+2*b*c+b^2)/(8*L^2);
disp(' ');disp (['Left support Reaction' ' = ' num2str(R1) ' ' 'kN'])
disp(' ');disp (['Left support Reaction' ' = ' num2str(R2) ' ' 'kN'])
disp(' ');disp (['Maximum bending moment' ' = ' num2str(Mmax) ' ' 'kNm'])
plot(x, V, 'r','linewidth',1.5);
line([x(1) x(end)],[0 0],'Color','k');
line([0 0],[0 V(1)],'Color','r','linewidth',1.5);
line([x(end) x(end)],[0 V(end)],'Color','r','linewidth',1.5);
title('Shear Force Diagram','fontsize',16)
axis off
plot(x, M, 'r','linewidth',1.5);
line([x(1) x(end)],[0 0],'Color','k');
line([x1 x1],[0 Mmax],'LineStyle','--','Color','b');
title('Bending Moment Diagram','fontsize',16)
text(x1,0,[num2str(roundn(x1,-2)) ' m'],'HorizontalAlignment','center','FontWeight','bold','fontsize',16)
axis off
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Steven Lord
Steven Lord 2022년 1월 20일
Please show us the the full and exact text of the error and/or warning messages (all the text displayed in red and/or orange in the Command Window when you run your code.)

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2022년 1월 20일
Your file has no line 101. Only 94 lines in total.
Tried some sample input data, and it works without error. What inputs are needed to reproduce the error?
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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2022년 1월 20일
It must be related to the inputs you gave. Tried some random inputs and it works.
  1. Give us the inputs you use to reproduce the error.
  2. Paste the error here.

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