how to display a maximum and minimum value in figure of Matlab?

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SimTec 2022년 1월 19일
답변: Ankit 2022년 1월 19일
I would like to show the max and minimum value of a graph in Matlab figure

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Ankit 2022년 1월 19일
text: Add text descriptions to data points
e.g. text(x,y,str) adds a text description to one or more data points in the current axes using the text specified by str.
Read more about text
min/max function to obtain the min/max value of variable.
X = 0:0.1:1;
Y = exp(X);
[ymin,idx_min] = min(Y) ;
[ymax,idx_max] = max(Y) ;
hold on
text(X(idx_min),ymin,['ymin: ' num2str(ymin)]);
text(X(idx_max),ymax,['ymax: ' num2str(ymax)]);

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