Noise Density and Random Walk parameters for gyroscope simulation

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I am using the imuSensor (Sensor Fusion and Tracking Toolbox) to simulate a gyroscope from an inertial measurement unit (IMU).
I have to include real gyroscope parameters from a datasheet and I don't know exactly how does it match with gyroscope parameters from the toolbox:
Real Gyroscope Parameters
Noise Density (º/s) / √Hz
Angular Random Walk º/√hour
Toolbox Gyroscope Parameters
Noise Density (º/s) / √Hz
Random Walk (rad/s)(√Hz) ***
In the toolbox documentation, Noise Density corresponds to the Angular Random Walk but, in the datasheet, there is a Noise Density parameter which is quite different to the Angular Random Walk parameter.
Random Walk from toolbox is refered to Rate Random Walk (RRW), a parameter that is not given in any datasheet.
Is it necessary to include both Noise Density and Random Walk in the toolbox, or just one of them is needed to define the noise?
Which parameter from the datasheet should I use for the Noise Density in the toolbox, the Angular Random Walk or the Noise Density?

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Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo 2022년 1월 18일
Hi Pablo,
I recommend using the Noise Density value from the datasheet for the NoiseDensity parameter for gyroparams in the imuSensor object.
The more parameters specified, the more accurate the imuSensor model will be, but only use the ones that are available to you. You are correct that the RandomWalk parameter expects the Rate Random Walk coefficient and not the Angular Random Walk one.
The imuSensor reference page has more information on how each of the parameters add noise to the model.
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Pablo  Hidalgo Rodulfo
Pablo Hidalgo Rodulfo 2022년 1월 19일
Hi Ryan,
Thanks for your answer.
What is the right way to use NoiseDensity parameter for gyroparams? RMS or not RMS value?
Ryan Salvo
Ryan Salvo 2022년 1월 19일
Hi Pablo,
I recommend using the non-RMS value.

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