How to display a number in a scientific notation in the plot?

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Vikash Pandey
Vikash Pandey . 2022년 1월 14일
댓글: Vikash Pandey . 2022년 1월 16일
The code is below:
text(0.82,0.96, "$N =\mbox{ } $" +num2str(n), 'interpreter', 'latex', 'FontSize', 38) ;
I want that, "N =10^3" be displayed and not "N = 1000".
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Robert U
Robert U 2022년 1월 14일
Hi Vikash Pandey,
have a look at the function num2eng from Mathworks File Exchange. You can change easily the tick label:
fh = figure;
ah = axes(fh);
ph = plot(ah,1000:1000:10000,0:1000:9000)
ah.XTickLabel = num2eng(ah.XTick)
ah.YTickLabel = num2eng(ah.YTick)
Kind regards,
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Vikash Pandey
Vikash Pandey 2022년 1월 14일
@Robert U Thanks for your efforts, but it seems you misunderstood the question.

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