Adding latex equation to a Matlab Live Script and Plot the equation

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student_md 2022년 1월 1일
댓글: Walter Roberson 2022년 1월 1일
I have added a latex equation to a Matlab Live Script. (In the Insert tab, by clicking Equation, and selecting LaTeX Equation)
For Example, let's have a latex equation as follows:
\frac{100 (-3)}{7 \left(5 \left(4 e^{10 \left(x-\frac{y}{100}\right)}-1\right)\right)}
I think the equation is a text form.
I want to convert the equation to code form and want to plot the equation. (CTRL+E doesn't work)
Any help would be appreciated.

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Shreyan Basu Ray
Shreyan Basu Ray 2022년 1월 1일
편집: Shreyan Basu Ray 2022년 1월 1일
Hey student_md,
You can use this work flow:
  1. Copy the Latex to Mathematica.
  2. Convert it to Mathematica expression, then convert the result to Matlab expression use ToMatlab package
> input=ToExpression["x \\frac{1}{y} \\sin(x) \\sqrt{ \\frac{2}{56}}",TeXForm]
>(*load the package*)
> ToMatlab[input]
gives (1/2).*7.^(-1/2).*x.*y.^(-1).*sin(x);
Refer to : ToMatlab.m link or download directly from this attached file.
I hope this helps you. :) Happy Matlabing !

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dpb 2022년 1월 1일
LaTeX is simply a display feature, at least so far it isn't tied to the actual code...
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Walter Roberson
Walter Roberson 2022년 1월 1일
Also, mathematical presentation format such as LaTeX is often ambiguous as code, and needs to be interpreted according to the knowledge domain.

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