Physical size of exportgraphics

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Tero . 2021년 12월 21일
편집: C . 2022년 8월 24일
Hi all,
Is there a way to use exportgrapics and have the saved content in a specified physical dimensions?
Currently, I use exportgraphics, and save the figure content as a vector PDF. Then I use InkScape to actually adjust the PDF to a size (in mm) I need. Finally I save it as EPS and have it printed out.
How could I skip the need for InskScape and could save the image content from Matlab directly to a certain size EPS?

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Richard Quist
Richard Quist 2021년 12월 29일
편집: Richard Quist 님. 2021년 12월 29일
exportgraphics does not currently support generating output to match a specified dimension.
If you would find this feature valuable I suggest contacting tech support and request that it be added, and provide information about what capabilities/options this should support.
Another option is to use the print command, and specify the desired output size using the figure's Paper* properties (PaperPosition, PaperUnits, PaperSize)

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C 2022년 8월 24일
편집: C 님. 2022년 8월 24일
Hi there
I have done this by setting the figure properties prior to calling exportgraphics, e.g.
plot(xDat, yDat)
figH = gcf;
set(figH, 'Units', 'centimeters',...
'OuterPosition', [0 0 10 8])
'BackgroundColor', 'none',...
where you can change 10 and 8 for the image width and height, respectively.


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