Find index in matrix

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Chris 2011년 9월 17일
I am looking to find the first value in a 1600x6 dimension matrix. Column 1 contains dates formatted as yymmdd and column 2 has times formated as mmss.
How would I find the row that contains say 100104 1012 which would be 10:12 on Oct 04 2010
I just need the row index so I can collect the rest of the values

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David Young
David Young 2011년 9월 17일
Assuming it's a numerical matrix, called M:
d = 100104;
t = 1012;
row = find(M(:,1) == d & M(:,2) == t)
If it's a cell matrix with strings, use strcmp(d, M(:,1)) etc. instead of ==.

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Andrei Bobrov
Andrei Bobrov 2011년 9월 17일
[~,indrow] = ismember([101004,1012],A(:,1:2),'rows')


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