How to create executable file for pretrained model Using GUI

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hammad younas
hammad younas 2021년 11월 30일
댓글: Hiro 2021년 11월 30일
Hi, i want to create a executable file for pretrained model using GUI.
I want to load a image from directory using Push Button and Display prediction on that image using Pretrained model
net = googlenet;
I = imread("peppers.png");
inputSize = net.Layers(1).InputSize;
I = imresize(I,inputSize(1:2));
label = classify(net,I);
Can anybody help me in that
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hammad younas
hammad younas 2021년 11월 30일
@Hiro I have updated the question

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yanqi liu
yanqi liu 2021년 11월 30일
yes,sir,when use gui transfer to exe,offen use mcc,and now suggest use applicationCompiler
may be use web api to generate http server is better

Hiro 2021년 11월 30일
@hammad younas I can give you a solution.
MATLAB > App > Open App Designer
This is what you need. With that app, you can design your own GUI app that has your algorithm.
You can have a button and figure window(s). This app is also easy to use - just take a look and start designing it.
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Hiro 2021년 11월 30일
Note that after designing your GUI app, make sure to compile it to exe so you can use it as a stand alone app!

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