How to control the visibility of the panels through radio buttons?

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I am using radio buttons on button group to control the visibility of the uipanels.
Once i switched ON the visibility of a panel through a particular radio button (through callback fn), it need to be switched off when another panel is switch ON through another radio button.
I have an idea to switch OFF visibility of a created panel when another panel appears through below command,
if get(handles.radiobutton1,'Value')==1
Likewise, on another callback function of a radio button, the visility of another panel is switched ON & all others set to visibility OFF.
My question - Is there any smart way to reduce the number of code lines? since i have many uipanels to control.

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021년 11월 22일
편집: Yongjian Feng 님. 2021년 11월 22일
create a funciton that sets everything to OFF.
Call this function first, and then just set only the one you want to ON.

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