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Student Matlab 2013a with Mac OS Yosemite, not working

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Antonio 17 Oct 2014
마감: John Kelly 22 Oct 2014
Since I updated my MacPro to Yosemite, my Student Matlab 2013a doesn't work.
But I was having problems with the following...
I get the following error... "The folder you selected does not appear to contain a valid MATLAB installaction"
Any help is appreciated.

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Marco 18 Oct 2014
편집: Marco 18 Oct 2014
Hey Antonio,
I also use MATLAB R2013a (Student Version) and read a lot of reports about incompatibility of OS X Yosemite and MATLAB versions < R2014b. So my first try was an installation of Yosemite in Parallels Desktop as a virtual machine.
Within the VM these steps made MATLAB run:
  1. Install Java 6 for Mac:
  2. Install MATLAB
  3. Change the System Version in /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist. Search for the key ProductVersion and change the string from 10.10 to 10.90. You cannot edit this file directly, you have to copy it to your desktop, edit it and copy it back.
  4. Change the Bundle Version of MATLAB in /Applictions/Matlab_XXXX/Contents/Info.plist. Search for the key BundleVersion and change the string from 8.x.x to 9.x.x . To access it, you have to right click on MATLAB app in Applications and select Show Package Contents.
  5. You may have to start MATLAB manually by opening /Applictions/Matlab_XXXX/bin/matlab. (Currently I can open it directly after applying the changes above).
However these changes will break the disk utility and maybe have some additional (currently unknown) effects. So it would be a good idea the revert the changes described above when you quit MATLAB.
Please tell me if this workaround helped you, maybe I would then be convinced to upgrade my system, too. :-)
I found some reports, that the changes described above may cause your Mac to not start, therefore I wanted some automatism for this workaround. I found out, that the changes are only necessary until MATLAB is started, you can revert the changes directly afterwards.
So i wrote a little shell script which can be used to start MATLAB:
sudo sed -i '' 's/>10.10</>10.90</' /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist
open -a MATLAB_R2013a_Student
read -p "Press any key when MATLAB started..."
sudo sed -i '' 's/>10.90</>10.10</' /System/Library/CoreServices/SystemVersion.plist
Within execution of this script you are asked to enter your password and you need to confirm when MATLAB has successfully started.

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Marco 20 Oct 2014
So when you open the SystemVersion.plist the version numbers are set to 10.10?
Andres 21 Oct 2014
I couldn't even open SystemVersion.plist because TextEdit wouldn't work...

Helen 21 Oct 2014
A simpler solution that worked for me when I upgraded to Yosemite with Matlab already installed:
1. Download Java SE 6: This will install Java 6, and will keep the newer version of Java (e.g., 7 or 8) without conflicts.
2. Locate where the java 6 related files are, you can do this in terminal by inspecting the output of "/usr/libexec/java_home -verbose"
3. export MATLAB_JAVA=<dir_to_the_above_location>
4. Apply the patch to your version:
And Voila! Matlab will use Java 6, and all the rest applications the newer version.

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Trevor 21 Oct 2014
Thank for the fix it works great. I can launch matlab manually using /Applictions/Matlab_XXXX/bin/matlab. But the application icon in my applications folder still will not launch as it says "You can’t use this version of the application “” with this version of OS X." Is there any way to fix this or am i just resigned to launch it manually from now on and have the terminal open?
Kyle 21 Oct 2014
Thanks Helen works great!
Trevor, I have the same problem as you do.. I rigged an acceptable fix:
Locate /Applictions/Matlab_XXXX/bin/matlab in finder and create an alias of the exec.
Rename the alias 'MATLAB'
To change the icon, right click app, select show contents, contents folder, resources folder, open MATLAB.icns and copy the icon. Then right click the alias, select 'Get Info,' click the icon in the top left (make sure its highlighted) and paste the icon. Very straightforward.
There you go! It has to be docked as a file but I'm glad to have that over nothing!.. That is, if you even care to dock MATLAB.
Trevor 22 Oct 2014
I did the same. I was just wondering if there was something I could do to open matlab without having to have the terminal open at the same time. But I guess this is it unless Mathworks decides to fix it.

Renato 20 Oct 2014
Thanks a lot Marco, your script works perfectly :D

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