fprintf for cell array data

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sermet OGUTCU
sermet OGUTCU . 2021년 11월 18일
댓글: Yongjian Feng . 2021년 11월 18일
data_double = 32 x 7 double
fprintf(fid,'%02d %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f\n', data_double.');
It prints the data_double in a text file with 32 rows and 7 columns.
I have a cell data consists of char and double columns as follows:
1×3 cell array
{32×3 char} {32×3 double} {32×3 double}
I need to print this data_cell in a text file using the similar type as print of data_double (i.e, 32 rows and 7 columns). When I tried;
fprintf(fid,'%02s %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f\n', data_cell.');
Error using fprintf
Function is not defined for 'cell' inputs.

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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021년 11월 18일
Try to convert your cell data into char first.
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Yongjian Feng
Yongjian Feng 2021년 11월 18일
Maybe you want to list out the cell one by one like this:
fprintf(fid,'%02d %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f %.3f\n', data_double{1}, num2str(data_double{2}), num2str(data_double{3}), num2str(data_double{4}), num2str(data_double{5}), num2str(data_double{6}), num2str(data_double{7}));

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