Replacing Blocks in Simulink but keep their value

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Leonid Guerchkovitch
Leonid Guerchkovitch 2021년 11월 11일
답변: Paul 2021년 11월 11일
I'm runnign the following script for a Simulink model called Replacement_Blocks. I am attempting to replace the constant block found in the generic Simulink library with a certified primitive library that is needed for aerospace development applications.
RepNames = replace_block('Replacement_Blocks','Constant','do178Lib/Simulink/Sources/Constant');
When I run this script the values of the replacement blocks(ones originally with white background) are overwritten. Is there a way to keep the value of the original constant blocks while replacing it with the primitive library equivalent?

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Paul 2021년 11월 11일
You can use :
val = get_param(blk,'Value')
to get the value of the Contant block(s) to be replaced.
Then replace the block(s).
Then use
set_param(RepNames,?,val) % fill in ? with the correct parmeter for the new block
Should be able to loop over all the block replacement pairs.


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