how to load mat file(trained neural ode) in simulink matlab function.

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i have trained a neural ode and save in mat file. ánd use this mat file in simulink to simulate.i used matlab function and load the mat file in it but after run simulation it shows error.(The output of a call to 'load' is not assigned to a variable. Assign its output to a variable without subscripting.).
kindly help me is this issue.
or how i can use the trained neural ode in simulink.? might be my approch of using matlab function is wrong.


Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 2021년 11월 15일
Hi Muhammad,
You could try using the coder.load function that can be used to load the MAT files data at compile time and can be used in your MATLAB function block to load your ode MAT file. Note that the MATLAB Function block relies on code generation technology and has C/C++ code generation limitations. Hope it helps.


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