Model Data Editor - can't find create new data box

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I was not able to reproduce an example.
The instructions from here:
  • [....]
  • Select the Parameters tab.
  • In the model, select the Gain block.
  • In the Model Data Editor, use the Value column to set the value of the Gain parameter to gainArg.
  • Next to gainArg, click the action button (3 vertical dots) and select Create.
  • In the Create New Data dialog box, set Value to Simulink.Parameter and Location to Model Workspace. Click Create.
  • [...]
There is no Create option. The little 3 dots icon that appears as the cell is accepting input only contains
gainArg (Model Workspace) > Open
> Explore
How should I proceed?

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Salman Ahmed
Salman Ahmed 2021년 11월 19일
Hi Arthur,
The model ex_arg_code_ref supplied as part of the example already has gainArg defined in the model workspace. You could ascertain this by navigating through Model Explorer > Model Hierarchy > ex_arg_code_ref > Model Workspace. Here, you would find gainArg already present and there is no need to create it again.
While following the example workflow, if you click Explore, you can view the same. Note that the Create option comes if you try some new variable, try using gainArgNew and then follow the example workflow to create one.

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