How to get cell string array data and combine it as a 1 column only?

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Hi, Community
i have a question. I have 2 cell string array data like this :
replika_fix_menitan =
1×2 cell array
{1440×31 string} {1440×30 string}
And actually, i want to grab the data inside of those two cell string array and combine them in just 1 column because each of cell array contains with this kind of data :
Columns 29 through 31
"00:00:00" "00:00:00" "00:00:00"
"00:01:00" "00:01:00" "00:01:00"
"00:02:00" "00:02:00" "00:02:00"
"00:03:00" "00:03:00" "00:03:00"
"00:04:00" "00:04:00" "00:04:00"
"00:05:00" "00:05:00" "00:05:00"
......... ......... ...........
I want to make the 1 - 31 column (in the first cell string array) and the 1 - 30 column (in the second cell string array) become 1 column instead. (the data is time series / duration type with same length in each column). So anyone, would you help me out in finding this solution? Thank you very much /.\ /.\ /.\


Chris 2021년 10월 31일
편집: Chris 2021년 10월 31일
I'm going to guess you want a 1440x61 string array.
stringArray = [replika_fix_menitan{:}]
would give you the array. The {:} returns everything inside each cell, and the square brackets collect it all into a new string array, if the dimensions of the arrays inside each cell are compatible.
stringArray = {[replika_fix_menitan{:}]}
would put the array inside a new cell.
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Chris 2021년 10월 31일
Great! feel free to "accept" this answer, then.

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