Matlab freeze in 2021b

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Samuel Schmidt
Samuel Schmidt 2021년 10월 29일
답변: Alexander Andersson 2022년 3월 23일
When using matlab 2021b i offent experience than matlab frezze in shorter periods and that it becomes very slowly responding in the editor.
I have the problem both on my mac and PC, any proposales to solve this issue ?
Best Samuel
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Abhisek Dev Bhattarai
Abhisek Dev Bhattarai 2022년 1월 21일
Having the same issue. It freezes time and again!

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Flemming 2021년 12월 2일
2021b is a disaster.
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Flemming 2021년 12월 6일
After using 2021b a few days, I reverted to 2021a. Unfortunately, I don't have to time to debug and test ongoing matlab development projects. Had this been an open-source project, I would maybe in some cases have taken the time.

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Alexander Andersson
Alexander Andersson 2022년 3월 23일
My collegue and I are haveing massive issues as well, such as hangs and crashes.
It is astonishing that Mathworks can produce such poor quality garbage and sell it for thousands of dollars. Mathworks should be ashamed of themselves for focusing on delivering toolboxes with fancy buzzwords instead of fixing their shit.





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