Load Class Diagram Error (conversion from double to cell is not possible)

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Micah Fry
Micah Fry 2021년 10월 19일
편집: Micah Fry 2021년 10월 20일
I am trying to open a Class Diagram I saved in the Class Diagram Viewer previously, and it fails to open the file. I get the following:
>> h = matlab.diagram.ClassViewer;
>> h.load('class_diagram_file.mldatx')
Conversion to double from cell is not possible.
Error in classdiagram.app.core.ClassDiagramApp/loadFromFactoryImpl
Error in classdiagram.app.core.ClassDiagramApp>@(ops)self.loadFromFactoryImpl(factory)
Error in classdiagram.app.core.ClassDiagramApp/loadFromFactory
Error in classdiagram.app.io.IOMgr/loadFrom
Error in classdiagram.app.core.ClassDiagramApp/loadDiagram
Error in matlab.diagram.ClassViewer/load
When this happens, the ClassViewer dialog box appears, but is empty. I cannot recover the file I previously saved.





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