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Bar Graph with varying widths

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Hi all,
I was trying to get a stacked bar graph with varying widths. Is it possible? Could someone help me?
Here are the variables I am trying to plot.
These are the value to be plotted in a stacked bar graph
graf =
0.2075 2.1825
0.4312 1.9600
0.0370 2.3600
0.3107 2.0800
0.1172 2.2800
1.3685 1.0200
0.8685 1.5200
0.1610 2.2300
1.0000 0.9300
0.3107 0.6900
Without varying widths by using
I can get a nice graph like this:
But I also need bars with varying widths, for example, here are my desired widths:
2 1 3 1 4 3 2 2 1 3
Is there any way I can obtain such a plot? And also a minor question, do you know how I can change colors in a stacked bar graph?
Thanks a lot,

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Ben11 19 Aug 2014
편집: Ben11 19 Aug 2014
For your 2nd question:
In order to change the bar colors, use findobj to get the patch objects forming the bars and change their color:
hBars = findobj(gca,'type','patch')
will give a 2-element array of handles, where each color is change individually like so:
I'm looking into your first question!

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Arif Can Gungor
Arif Can Gungor 19 Aug 2014
Thanks a lot, For my first question I have found this
However, I can't adapt this to stacked version.

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