How to plot this frequency graph?

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BN 2021년 10월 9일
댓글: BN 2021년 10월 10일
Dear all,
I have runoff and precipitation data (as I attached), how I can achieve such a plot?
I tried this script:
But it seems wrong and the range of x and y lines doesn't set between 0 to 1. The name of this plot below is bivariate frequency graph which is a histogram of precipitation and runoff.
Thank you in advance
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Ive J
Ive J 2021년 10월 10일
Do you mean something like this?
pn = normalize(precipitation, 'range');
rn = normalize(runoff, 'range');
histogram2(rn, pn)
BN 2021년 10월 10일
Yes, Thank you, and why do I have blank mosaics in the plot? is there any way to force it to show zero values, instead of leaving them blank? thank you

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Chunru 2021년 10월 10일
편집: Chunru 2021년 10월 10일
load runoff
load precipitation
precipitation = normalize(precipitation, 'range');
runoff = normalize(runoff, 'range');
histogram2(runoff, precipitation, 'Normalization', 'pdf', 'ShowEmptyBins','on'); % for probability density function

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