Is there a two-dimensional sinc interpolation software?

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Jaime De La Mota Sanchis
Jaime De La Mota Sanchis 2021년 9월 30일
답변: Nikeet Pandit 2022년 5월 10일
Hello everyone. I have found this package of software. I am interested in doing a two-dimensonal sinc interpolation as defined in the diapositives 15 to 18 of this presentation. Unfortunately. I haven't found anything.
Can anybody point me to some code that might work?
Best regards.

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Star Strider
Star Strider 2021년 9월 30일
One-dimensional sinc interplation is described in Ideal Bandlimited Interpolation. It may be possible to adapt it to a 2D problem.
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Jaime De La Mota Sanchis
Jaime De La Mota Sanchis 2021년 9월 30일
That is great, since I have a grid of size 19*13 with values of temperature and I want to find an equation using this sinc interpolation to have a function to describe said field. Is there a way to adapt this code so that instead of an image, a matrix is introduced and the resulting expressin can be read?

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Matt J
Matt J 2021년 9월 30일
Since interpolation is commonly approximated by cubic spline interpolation, which you have an option for in interp2.
Vq = interp2(X,Y,V,Xq,Yq,'spline');
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Jaime De La Mota Sanchis
Jaime De La Mota Sanchis 2021년 9월 30일
Thanks for the answer. Is there a way to find the equation used to build said interpolation?

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Nikeet Pandit
Nikeet Pandit 2022년 5월 10일
We know that Fourier is a seperable transform... so if we want to do a Fourier 2D transform its equivalent to doing 1D transform on rows and then columns. I assume then this property holds for sinc interpolation... So I adapted the 1D example for sinc interpolation they provide on the sinc(x) documentation ... and then I applied the interpolation to the rows and then interpolation to the columns and it seemed to work

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