How to obtain a Matrix as output from a 3-D LookUpTables?

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matteo piano
matteo piano 2021년 9월 29일
댓글: matteo piano 2021년 9월 30일
I use as Table Data a 3D array composed by thirty 28x28 Matrices (state space matrices varying with time t). I obtain a resulting signal from the LUT which is a vector of dimension 1x784 instead of a 28x28 matrix. There is a way to obtain directly the interpolated matrix or I have to rearrange the elements of the vector manually in a matrix? Thank u so much.

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stozaki 2021년 9월 29일
How about using the reshape block to convert 1x784 to 28x28?
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matteo piano
matteo piano 2021년 9월 30일
Thank u so much, I was thinking about it but I wasn't sure. I'll try!

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