Programmatically route outports to inports

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Ramae Smith
Ramae Smith 2021년 9월 23일
Hello friends,
I have a model with several hundred inports and inports connected to various subsystems. Searching for Outports and Inports with a matching name, and moving the lines around is tedious. I want to programmatically go from the first image, to the second.
At the bottom is some script I've been trying, but I'm not making progress at this point. Script and dummy model included.
%Automatically connect Outports and Inports with the same name
%Search all inports
%Replace blocks with connecting line
%Find all Outports
% a = find_system(gcs,'findall','on','SearchDepth','1','blocktype','Outport');
a = find_system(gcs,'findall','on','SearchDepth','1','blocktype','Outport')
% a=find_system(gcs, 'Selected', 'on');
% a = find_system(gcs,'Selected', 'on','blocktype','Outport');
blkp = get_param(a, 'porthandles')
% blkp = get_param(a, 'name')
dstp = blkp.Inport
% for i = 1:length(a)
% blkp = get_param(a(i),'porthandles');
% dstp = blkp.Inport;
% lh = get_param(dstp,'line');
% srcp = get_param(lh,'srcporthandle');
% pn = get_param(srcp,'PropagatedSignals');
% if ~isempty(pn)
% repn = regexprep(pn,'(^\w*) .*$','$1');
% set(a(i),'name',repn);
% end
% end


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