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Finding the mean at each interval

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Zhou Ci
Zhou Ci 2021년 9월 22일
답변: Mathieu NOE 2021년 9월 22일
Hi everyone,
I have data containing 2 columns; Temperature and V. Temp contain repititive temperature values and V contains (2,3 and 4). What I want is that for each 1°C temperature I want the mean of values in V. For example at 12°C, a number of values (2,2,3,4,4,2,2) fall in this inteval (12°C), so, therfore at 12°C = 2.7. Any suggestions how to do this? Data is attached. Thank you


KSSV 2021년 9월 22일
편집: KSSV 2021년 9월 22일
T = readtable('') ;
Temp = T.Temp ;
V = T.V ;
t0 = 10; t1 = 12 ; % Intervel
idx = Temp > t0 & Temp < t1 ;
iwant = mean(V(idx))
iwant = 2.6726
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Zhou Ci
Zhou Ci 2021년 9월 22일
I want values (a complete column vector at each temp interval): Minimun value of temp is -72.95 and maximum is 37.45.
So at each temp interval I want a mean of V.

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Mathieu NOE
Mathieu NOE 2021년 9월 22일
my 2 cents suggestion - see if for the empty intervals you prefer naN output (red dots) or you prefer interpolated data (black dots)
code :
Tab = readtable('Data.xlsx') ;
T = Tab.Temp ;
V = Tab.V ;
[Ts,ind] = sort(T); % sort T in ascending order
Vs = V(ind);
minT = floor(min(Ts));
maxT = ceil(max(Ts));
Tnew = minT-0.5:1:maxT+0.5; % interval like -10.5 to 10.5
Tplot = minT:1:maxT; % corresponding center value (10)
for ci =1:length(Tnew)-1
ind = find(Ts>=Tnew(ci) & Ts<=Tnew(ci+1));
if ~isempty(ind)
Vmean(ci) = mean(Vs(ind));
Vmean(ci) = NaN;
% optionnal : remove NaN (missing) values by pchip interpolation
Vmean2 = interp1(Tplot,Vmean,Tplot,'pchip');
legend('raw data (sorted)','averaged (including NaNs)','averaged (interpolated)');


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