Matlab crashes when using ROS toolbox

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Nathaniel Goldfarb
Nathaniel Goldfarb 2021년 9월 20일
댓글: Abhijeet Gadkari 2021년 9월 27일
I am using the ROS toolbox along with the responce tool kit to optmize my controller. IT work most of the time but sometimes i get the following error. The reson I did not save the raw output it because it matlab/simulink chrash into a loop seazes focus of my computer. it wont allow me to exit out or kill the program. I have to reboot inorder to kill the stop the program. Then when I resart I have to delete the matlabpref.mat file and relink my ROS messages.
Why is this happening and how do I prevenet it from happening? As you can see it just keeps spitting out the same error.
I was able to get my error file and I have attached it
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Abhijeet Gadkari
Abhijeet Gadkari 2021년 9월 27일
Hello Nathaniel,
I think ROS Toolbox features may not work with Parallel Computing Toolbox.
Due to the complexity of the setup, it is best to work with the Technical support team to resolve this. It will be easier to share the artifacts (like model, custom messages, etc.).

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