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How can I solve this error?

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function[x,t,C] = GRxx_P8_E1(L,T,N,M,Dm,cond_inicial,cc_izda,cc_dcha)
Error: Function definition are not supported in this context. Functions can only be created as local or nested functions in code

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the cyclist
the cyclist 2021년 9월 15일
편집: the cyclist 2021년 9월 15일
When defining a function using that syntax, it has to appear inside a file, for example a text file with the name GRxx_P8_E1.m
Then, you can call the function using the syntax
from the command line, or another file.
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Geraldine Rodríguez Coronado
Geraldine Rodríguez Coronado 2021년 9월 15일
It still doesn't work :( but thank you so much.

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