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Displaying an image in app designer

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Filip Juchnicki
Filip Juchnicki 2021년 9월 15일
댓글: Filip Juchnicki 2021년 9월 15일
Hello. I'm new to app designer and I need to display a matrix saved as varaible app.Matrix in a kind of a preview window (not in a separate figure yet) with a button press. I tried using a UIAxes and a following code to create a place for the preview image:
title(app.UIAxes, []);
xlabel(app.UIAxes, []);
ylabel(app.UIAxes, []);
app.UIAxes.XAxis.TickLabels = {};
app.UIAxes.YAxis.TickLabels = {};
I now have an empty plot but I'm not sure how to use the imagesc function and connect it to the button so that it displays my matrix as a grayscale image as imagesc(Matrix) normally would in Matlab. I'd appreciate some tips in that matter.

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Cris LaPierre
Cris LaPierre 2021년 9월 15일
Use the following syntax:
where ax is your target axes (app.UIAxes). You connect it to your button by placing the code inside the button's callback function.
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Filip Juchnicki
Filip Juchnicki 2021년 9월 15일
Thank you again. Works.

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