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how can I call a class in a gui?

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jibs 2021년 9월 14일
댓글: Matt J 2021년 9월 17일
Hi! im working on OOP, I have defined a class TimeData by a script and its saved in the working folder.
now how can i call that class in my GUI. Should i call in opening function. or in any button?
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TADA 2021년 9월 14일
There's no general rule. can you please elaborate a little on the context?

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Matt J
Matt J 2021년 9월 14일
I have defined a class TimeData by a script
Don't you mean you defined it in a classdef file? The constructor function for a class can be called from anywhere, as long as the classdef file is on the Matlab path. In particular, the current folder is always on the Matlab path.
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Matt J
Matt J 2021년 9월 17일
You haven't shown us the error messages that you get when you try to call it. There's no reason why you shouldn't be able to.

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