Old-version simscape model cannot run on MATLAB 2020

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Randy Chen
Randy Chen 2021년 9월 12일
댓글: Randy Chen 2021년 9월 18일
I downloaded a 2017-version simscape model and attempted to run it on MATLAB 2020, but it keeps giving me this error:
I tried resaving this simscape model in my 2020-version MATLAB, but it doesn't work. I have simscape and simscape model body, etc, installed properly already.


Swetha Polemoni
Swetha Polemoni 2021년 9월 15일
The error is because Simscape no longer supports use of first-generation functions and blocks in 2017, so it cannot find the library mblibv1 .
As a workaround, you can do any of the following
  • Run files in 2019b or earlier versions
  • Update the model using blocks from Simscape Multibody Second Generation Library (sm_lib).
  • Use Simscape Multibody 1G Conversion Assistant tool to build Simscape Multibody 2G model that provides same behavior as 1G model.
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Randy Chen
Randy Chen 2021년 9월 18일
Thank you for your reponse.I tried using the conversion assistant, but the conversion assistant is not detecting any 1-G model, so the newly-generated "2g" model is blank.
How can I update my current model using the Second Generation Library? I can't find it in Simulnik

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