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simulink-function block

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Mohamed Nafea
Mohamed Nafea 2021년 9월 8일
댓글: Mohamed Nafea 2021년 9월 9일
I have values of input varied with time when i put a function in simulink, it only excute the first part
Any advice

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Paul 2021년 9월 8일
This line (and others like it) doesn't do what you think it does:
68.832 < u <= 200
u = 203;
68.832 < u <= 200
ans = logical
This statement evalautes to true becasue it's really doing two separate operations equivalent to:
temp = 68.32 < u
temp = logical
temp < 200
ans = logical
In short what you need is:
68.32 < u && u <= 200
ans = logical
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Mohamed Nafea
Mohamed Nafea 2021년 9월 9일
Thank you, I am very appreciative 👍👍

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