shuffle(mbq) is extremly slow

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Matti Kaupenjohann
Matti Kaupenjohann 2021년 9월 2일
댓글: Matti Kaupenjohann 2021년 9월 3일
I run the Object Detection with yolov3 Deep Learning with a custom dataset with only 126 Images. The epochs themself are running in a reasonable speed but the function calls
takes unreasonable 25 sec for the reset and 111 sec for the shuffle. (both tested with a simple tic toc). This slows the trainingtime extremly down. The System runs on a 6 Core i5-10600, a Nvidia 1050 Ti and 16 GB RAM.
I didn't yet test the times with the VehicleSet but I realized also a pause between epochs.
Any Ideas how adress this issue?
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Matti Kaupenjohann
Matti Kaupenjohann 2021년 9월 3일
In the meantime I realized, that the size of image matters a lot, which seems kind of weird for methods, which handle the indexing (Or IMHO it should only handle the indexing). Also the loading of my small images (399 x 244) should not take 25 seconds...

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