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How to get generalized plant model in state space (A,B1,B2,C​1,D11,D12,​C2,D21,D22​) using augw command?

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TASI IUPUI 2021년 8월 30일
댓글: TASI IUPUI 2021년 8월 31일
I would like to obtain the generalized plant model in state space format from the result after running the augw command. I know how to run augw and the format of augmented plant P(s) in this link: However, I am not sure about how to find the specific values of matrices of (A,B1,B2,C1,D11,D12,C2,D21,D22) from the property of augmented P matrix. Can somebody explain how to get the above matrices from the following results?


Paul 2021년 8월 30일
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TASI IUPUI 2021년 8월 31일
Hi Paul thanks, in the previous answer, we firstly supposed to have the generalized model below:
xdot = A*x + B1*w + B2*u
z = C1*x + D11*w + D12*u
y = C2*x + D21*w + D22*u
And then try to obtain the matrices from the obtained state-space model by partitioning from A,B,C,D.
But now I try to derive this generalized plant model by designing the weighting matrices W1, W2, and W3 from a normal state-space model below:
xdot = A*x + Bu
y = C*x + D*u
Thus, I am now checking whether the command augw can give me a correct way to get that.

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