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Relationship between 2 poly curve/ 2 data sets , how can I correlate it ?

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Eric Aw
Eric Aw 2021년 8월 18일
댓글: Eric Aw 2021년 8월 19일
I have 2 sets of data.
First set is black , 6% measuring target that gives me certain stat error at given distance . Same goes for white, 90% measuring target.
2 sets of data have different length. I use polyfit and polyval to obtain the equations .
y1 = 0.0001x^4 - 0.0022x^3 + 0.0312x^2 -0.1143x + 0.4783 for 6%
y2 = 0.0004x^2 -0.0024x +0.1762 for 90%
How can I obtain an equation for 20% measuring target ? I need to estimate/approximate a set of data for 20% based on my available data (6% and 90%). Is there any method to do this ?
My codes as below:
DistaveB=Data(3:15 , 2);
DistaveW=Data(16:32 , 2);
StatErrorB=Data(3:15 , 3);
StatErrorW=Data(16:32 , 3);
SignalaveB=Data(3:15 , 4);
SignalaveW=Data(16:32, 4);
p = polyfit(CDistaveB, StatErrorB, 4);
f = polyval(p,CDistaveB);
plot(CDistaveB, StatErrorB , 'o')
hold on
plot(CDistaveB, f)
pW = polyfit(CDistaveW, StatErrorW, 2);
fW = polyval(pW,CDistaveW);
plot(CDistaveW, StatErrorW , 'o')
plot(CDistaveW, fW)
Any suggestions will be helpful, Thank you!
ps: I do not have any additional toolbox to solve this.
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Eric Aw
Eric Aw 2021년 8월 19일
Thank you very much for the response. Sorry for the confusion
Regarding the missing information:
1) 6% and 90% represent the diffuse reflectance of my target. I send a light signal (650 nm) out and it reflect back to my sensor. The data obtained represent my result , at certain distances, I obtain the stat error and signal .
2) Yes, I miss out copying xlsread for first line , sorry about that
3) I haven't use the data from "average signal" yet. As I need to solve for "stat error" before moving to "average signal"
4) This is consider the raw data, as my device has preprocess some raw data (mutliple points like 10 values) to give me this final average values.
As I do not have a target that represent 20% diffuse reflectance , I need to do an approximation based on my current data.

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William Rose
William Rose 2021년 8월 18일
편집: William Rose 2021년 8월 18일
Here is an implentation of my previous suggesitons. The attached code produces the console output and the plot below.
>> EricAw3
20% fit: y20=a0+a1*x+a2*x^2+a3*x^3+a4*x^4

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William Rose
William Rose 2021년 8월 18일
See my quesitons in the ealrier comments.
I moved your data into a text file (attached) and made a few tweaks to your code (see attached code). It runs without error . It produces the plot below.
I understand from your original post that you want to find an equation to make predictions for the 20% case, based on the data you have for 6% and 90%. Here's how you can do it.
  1. Only do this over the Distance range where you have data for both 6% and 90%. Don't extraolate the 6% model to larger distances.
  2. Use the 6% and 90% polynomials to predict data at N(=30 should be enough) evenly spaced distances, within the range of overlapping distances.
  3. Interpolate to 20%, to get N predictions for 20%.
  4. Fit a 4th order polynomial to the 20% predictions.
  5. Plot the 20% poly to make sure it looks OK.
Why use a 4th order poly for 13 points, and a second order for 17 points? Did you use standard statistical methods to choose the polynomial order for each case?
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