Need help for Host-Target EtherCAT connection in Simulink Real Time (2014a)

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Dear friends, I am new to EtherCAT communication. I am building a motion control system with 3 EtherCAT drivers (slaves) using Simulink Real Time.
I need help to connect the host-target-(EtherCAT slave stations). As I understand from the Simulink Realtime manual, during the Beckhoff configuration phase:
and after obtaining the EtherCAT Network Information File (ENI), change the network to
Both the host and the target computers have two network cards for EtherCAT and normal Ethernet respectively.
During the development of the Simulink Real Time Target (xpctarget), do I need to always connect the host, which running Matlab/Simulink, to the EtherCAT network?
Best regards.

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Suneesh 2014년 7월 28일
Simulink requires just the ENI configuration file. In order to generate the config file you need the Beckhoff configurator (or similar software) which needs to be connected to the slave network. It is only for this reason that you are required to connect the host to the slave network.

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Chuan-Shen Chen
Chuan-Shen Chen 2014년 9월 27일
Thank you. Suneesh. Do you suggest an alternative to Beckhoff configurator in order to generate the ENI file. Free software will be preferred.

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