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get name in struct type

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MIHYUN 8 Jul 2014
댓글: Jan 8 Jul 2014
Hi. I want to get country and locality name using coordinate(latitude & longitude)
Lat = 48.858370;
Lon = 2.294481;
base_url =[ ''];
formatSpec = '%4.6f';
LatLon = [num2str(Lat,formatSpec),',',num2str(Lon,formatSpec)];
request_url = [base_url '?latlng=' LatLon '&sensor=true_or_false']
docNode = urlread(request_url);
data = json.load(docNode)
This is matlab code.
For example, Latitude = 51.501261, Longitude = -0.127768
Country is United Kingdom , Locality is London
I want to get the name 'United Kingdom'and'London"
How to get the name?
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Jan 8 Jul 2014
I do not have a function to run "json.load". So the only interesting detail is the format of the output "data". Could you post this in detail?

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Michael scheinfeild
Michael scheinfeild 8 Jul 2014
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MIHYUN 8 Jul 2014
I used fieldnames, but the desired result was not out.
A = data.results(1,9).types(1,1);
name = fieldnames(A)
types is cell type.
In the cell , Is there a function the same as fieldnames ?

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